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Jeremy and Den did a great job! Good service and good quality! Explained my aircon problems very clearly.

Tanley Ho

Price is fair. Quality is obvious to say good and reliable as well. Fast, tidy & good communication.

Soe Thi Ha

Look no further! :) Jeremy and Den were very professional and they have so much knowledge in what they do! :) They would give advice on maintaining our aircon. Thank you so much!


About Aircon Servicing

The cost, frequency, and amount of time needed for aircon servicing contractor depends generally on the age and horsepower (BTU) of the aircon unit. As such, service types provided by aircon contractors typically include: installation, servicing, repair and maintenance.

Rest assured that Kaodim's aircon servicers and repairmen are pre-verified, and hence adequately well-equipped with not just tools, but also expertise advise any further action needed. Here's an overview of the market, their benefits of each service, and how often you need them:

a) What Goes Into Aircon Servicing

  • General servicing & system maintenance
  • Gas refilling and checking of coolant level
  • Cleaning or replacement of filter driers & air filters
  • Cleaning of split & ducted air cooling systems
  • Inspecting and/or replacing of copper piping insulation
  • Checking of running pressures & temperatures
  • Checking of the compressor's power usage

b) Why You Should Service Your Aircon

Servicing your aircon regularly can save you money and make you more comfortable. Regular maintenance means that you can maximize the life of your aircon and ensure that it is always cooling your home at optimum efficiency. This means that your aircon will last longer as well as lower your electricity bill as compared to an unserviced air conditioning unit. In addition, a well serviced aircon will run smoother and keep your house at the right temperature as compared to a non-serviced one.

c) When You Should Service Your Aircon

Ideally you should change your filters of your aircon monthly (though you don't need a pro for that) and have it serviced by a professional at least once a year. That should ensure the maximum life and efficiency of your aircon.

d) Questions To Ask Your Aircon Service Professional

Ask your aircon service professional for advice regarding your aircon. Aircon locations and status vary greatly and some may require more or less care, and only someone who is actually looking at the specific device could tell you for sure. Ask if there's anything that you should keep an eye out for in terms of maintenance and how best to maximize the lifespan of your aircon.

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